What is Club Coding?

We want to offer free education in the field of Computer Science on the level of an undergraduate degree. If you are only looking to learn the newest JavaScript framework this website is not for you.

The topics in our program are heavily inspired by Teach Yourself Computer Science. Since our topics are heavily inspired by Teach Yourself Computer Science you might wonder why we decided to create our own website.

Creating a better platform

The reasons for this are very simple. With the Internet, it’s very apparent that the best way to learn something isn’t by just reading a book on your own, or by watching a lot of lectures. We can combine actual code, quizzes, videos, images, audio and text all in one platform. By utilizing our tools we can optimize your learning, not just in terms of time, but also in terms of attention. We hope that you will find it easier to come onto our site and learn here. With your feedback we hope to provide the best platform for someone looking to learn Computer Science.

What’s wrong with MOOCs

There are a couple of things wrong with MOOCs. Since MOOCs are not the primary goal of university courses, the long-term support for them is bad in general. If you look at the courses in Open Source Society - Computer Science the sandboxed coding tools doesn’t work for a lot of them. The general support is non-existent. But even if there would be support, they are not made for the internet. They are made for universities and then crammed into platforms on the internet. Five ten minute long lectures doesn’t make any sense for a university but two hour lectures does. The opposite is true for the internet.

We are trying something different. Start learning today. Right here!